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Welcome to the new City of High Point Citizen Portal

We are pleased to offer our citizens, businesses, and visitors access to government services online. To use ALL the services you must Register for an Account. You can view information, get questions answered and have limited services as an anonymous user. We trust this will provide you with a new, higher level of service that makes living and working in our community a more enjoyable experience.

Software Versions Supported

Recently vendors have released versions of their operating systems or browsers that are not compatible with some of the software used by Accela Citizen Access (ACA).  Currently the ACA application will only fully support these environments/browsers: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 - using Internet Explorer 11. 

Browsers that support HTML5 are partially supported by ACA.  Browsers that support HTML5 currently are,
    • Internet Explorer 11, IE Mobile 11+
    • Chrome 46+, and Chrome for Android 46+
    • Firefox 42+, and Firefox for Android 41+
    • Opera 32+, and Opera Mobile 30+
    • Android Browser 44+
    • Blackberry Browser 10+
    • Safari 9+
    • Microsoft Edge 12+

When using ACA we ask you to review your PC/software specifications to ensure that they match the above specifications.  For your convenience, customers can use computers at the library or City Hall.  We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we try to serve you better.

For more information about the land development and permitting processes in High Point please visit  

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